let's chase the sun

CAPTURING joyful lovers & purpose-filled stories

First let me say, my heart is already full and thankful you are here. My hope as you go through my page is that you feel joy, seen, and celebrated already. Your story is important to me and meant to be told in a way that is uniquely yours. I am here to do just that. Now let me introduce myself... The girl behind the camera living by a leap of faith. Hii, I am Sierra. A wedding and couples photographer here to serve Georgia, east coast, and beyond. I am a lover of the sun, Jesus, the beach, meeting new people, traveling, coffee, and love. The thing about me you should know is, I live for over pouring and by that, I mean you are more than just a client to me. I am here to pour my heart and soul into celebrating and telling your story through my creative imagery. Why? Because your story and experience mean everything to me. I have always been a big dreamer and a planner for everything little thing in life. It was not until I felt God plant a seed in my heart, that I realized, there is beauty in the unplanned and in-between moments. Photographing people and their stories intentionally, whole-heartedly, and joyfully is my PASSION. I want to build a foundation through your journey with me. I want to tell your story that embodies every bit of your love and who you are. Let's chase the sun through dances, laughs, and reminisce through chats and funny stories. Lets capture those feelings, in-between moments, and what makes you YOU. Sound like an ADVENTURE ready to happen?? Yayyy!! Lets do this!

SIERRA HERE! owner + sun lover 


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“There is beauty and joy in the unplanned and in between moments”

Here to capture those fleeting moments that you may forget. Here to celebrate you and your people. Here to freeze the tears, laughs, smiles, hugs, and dances. It’s about the joy in celebrating seasons of life you want to remember and have live on for generations and beyond.

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